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Launched:  April 2006

Site Overview:  The Universal Article blog provides news, information, links, and store listings on some of the latest headwear, especially the fitted & snapback caps from sports licensed to independent hat companies and artists. Update to this site is coming up soon. The entire site will be getting a new face lift plus the direction of the Universal Article. In the meantime, stay in touch through the Universal Article Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram channels. Thanks for your patience.

Peace & Connect,
Nems   |   Founder /Artist / Fitted & Snapback Cap Enthusiast
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Universal Article is an independent site / blog. All post content, graphics, & hat images with a UA corner mark are property of Universal Article. If you use any content or UA hat images, please give credit...
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Respective producers own all other hat images used on this site without a UA corner mark.