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Memories of 23rd St by Keith Godard & MTA (2002)

From sponsored art to graffiti there is something appealing for everyone on MTA subway stations. Head over to the 23rd St. station on the N or R / BMT Boardway line to check this hat installment. The station features mosaic hats placed as if they are above the heads of passengers waiting for the train. There's no baseball cap but feature styles like: the Derby, Bowler, Beret, Gatsby, Safari, & loads of others. All mosaic hats are those of personalities such as poet Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, magician Ehrich Weiss (Houdini), hunter James Corbett, & others. If you happen to be on the line look for your hat at 23rd St.

23rd St Hat Station

23rd St. Mosaic Hat Station

23rd St Mosaic Hat MTA Station

23rd St. Mosaic Houdini Hat Houdini's Hat

23rd St Mosaic Fedora Hat

23rd St. Mosaic Gatsby Hat


Coal Military Headwear

Straight from the fine folks at Coal comes this army green military winter hat. This hat is made of heavy melton wool fabric & an inside lining to insulate heat. The knitted flap piece guaranties to keep your dome piece & neck warm.
Coal carries a large collection of caps, military styles, & their favorite- the knitted hat. Check them out.

Coal Winter Hat


Reebok NBA Ligature Fitteds

Check out these fresh looking fitteds from the Reebok group. The hat sports just the team's ligature on the front & full team wordmark logo on back. These are simply clean & classic. All NBA teams are available, I will post more team pics as I get them.
You can buy these at Total Sports in Philly & ATL.

Reebok Ligature 76ers Fitted

Reebok NBA Ligature Fitted back

Reebok NBA Cavaliers Fitted


It's Barkology

A homage to dogs, Barkology is a fashion apparel company that is inspired by "our best friend." This is a relaxed cotton cap with nice embroidered dog images. The plaid fabric detail on the brim & inside taping is a nice touch, plus a small zip pocket for your stash. Barkology carries other caps, tees, & some cool blank inside; fold-over cards with dog imagery.





The New Era Flagship Store

Opening day for the NE Flagship store. What can I say : The definitive spot for MLB headwear & those fresh 5950's

The NE Store Outside

Opening Day.

The NE Bus

The Fit for the Street Tour bus.


A real nice display showcasing some 5950's. The bus is divided into two sections. One section is a fitted gallery set up as a DJ's studio with turntables & the other half as a lounge for business or pleasure.



The New York Yankees Authentic Baseball Cap

New Era Co. makes the authentic cap worn on the diamond field. The Yankees cap plus the city it represents is worn & sold the most around the world. You then have the classics such as the LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, LA Lakers, & Oakland Raiders. The dominance of Hip-Hop culture around the world has also brought baseball fitted caps to the forefront of designer styles. With the birth of Hip-Hop coming from the Bronx, The NY Yankees Fitted is Hip-Hop. This cap is a must for headwear enthusiasts. You can get one of these almost anywhere in the world. Besides New Era Co. who makes the current authentic cap there is the Cooperstown Classic versions from Mitchell & Ness, American Needle, Twins Enterprise (the ones with small years embroidered on the back), & Moonlight Graham. Check our spots section for listings.

NY Yankees Fitted


UA… Official.

Dedicated to all headwear, this blog will feature a range of baseball caps, military hats, winter knits, customs, & straight fresh products. UA is a project in progress, a portal of thoughts, information, articles, & pics of all headwear especially the wool fitted baseball cap.

Universal Article will showcase headwear pics from my collection & new releases / logos from the MLB, NFL, all way through brands such as Nike, Reebok, New Era, & others. UA will also bring you pics of fresh headwear from the likes of Kangol, Obey, Stussy, LRG, Union NYC, Triple 5 NYC, Goorin Bros., Jaxon, Block, Ecko.

Nuff said: bookmark it, attach it, link it, whatever, spread the word. Universal Article... Official.
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