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Universal Article Canvas Edition 001: Adventures Of Muideen

Here's the first installment of Universal Article's Canvas Edition showcase, which will focus on the creativity and ingenuity of featured artists expressing their talents using headwear as their canvas. In the spirit of the graffiti artists' Blackbook, this category will showcase many creative skills and styles on various hats and caps.

We set it off with illustrator and graphic artist Muideen Ogunmola, hailing from Detroit, Michigan serving up a surrealist assortment of sci-fi themed, comic art. Upon viewing his work, we seized on the opportunity to have Muideen customize three fitted caps inspired by his pencil sketches for a comic book cover he has in the works. The caps were each treated with a gesso base and painted in acrylic medium. The results are hard shell fitted caps filled with vivid colors and sealed off with a crystal satin finish. Muideen is collaborating with UA to offer up one of these custom caps to whoever leaves a comment on this post or on his Blockhead - From The D-Block blog, the definite site featuring his most current works and happenings.