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ECAPCITY FALL 2010 Custom Color Fitted RECAP

Back with a visual recap of FALL 2010 custom color fitted releases available via ECAPCITY. More below the fold.

Solid and two-tone 1979-'80 Hartford Whalers colorways.

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ECAPCITY Custom Color Fitted Update - July 2010

Back with a roundup of the latest custom color fitted offerings from ECAPCITY.

We start off with two newer custom 59Fifty releases, the first, a Philippines Crest colorway with full color embroidery on solid red. In similar fashion, a metallic gold thread on solid black Lion Crest custom for the Rastafari familiar, and unfamiliar.
Philippines Crest Custom Color 59Fifty
Lion Crest Custom Color 59Fifty

Playing up on the Air Jordan Elephant Print hype, the Calgary Flames custom below features a light gray crown with matching flock print, white visor, and a black on white Flames logo. On the brighter end of the spectrum, a Chicago Cubs black on yellow 59Fifty sporting a custom color, black, hot pink, and white retro logo.
Calgary Flames Elephant Print Custom Fitted
Chicago Cubs Fitted

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ECAPCITY Custom Color 59Fifty Update - June

Here's a recap of recent custom color fitted offerings from ECAPCITY with more to come soon.

With the NHL conference finals well underway, ECAPCITY has released a San Jose Sharks custom color two-tone, sporting a black denim crown, light gray visor and aqua blue highlights. For the Sharks opponents in the finals, the Chicago Blackhawks get a black on process blue colorway, with hot pink embroidery.
San Jose Sharks Fitted
Chicago Blackhawks Fitted

A Montreal Canadiens custom colorway below in graphite on black with lime green accents. To the right, a Boston Bruins team color tone in black and yellow.
Montreal Canadiens Fitted
Boston Bruins Fitted

Two updates to previous ECAPCITY releases below. To the left, the Orlando Magic pinstripe two-tone gets flipped in black and red with silver pinstripe. On the right, a twist on the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes custom with a teal on burgundy plaid crown, silver visor, and matching embroidery.
Orlando Magic Custom Fitted
Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Fitted

Two more retro MLB custom colorways. One features the Montreal Expos in green on yellow with matching embroidery. The other features the Philadelphia Phillies throwback logo in white on hunter green.
Montreal Expos Fitted
Philadelphia Phillies Fitted

Last of this batch of releases, a New Jersey Cardinals Minor League offering in black and red with yellow accents, as well as an old english ligature G custom 59Fifty in solid black, with the word Raiders embroidered on back in white.
New Jersey Cardinals Fitted
Raiders G Custom Fitted

For more information visit

5806 Bergenline Ave
West New York, NJ 07093



ECAPCITY April Custom Color Fitted Update Part 2

In the second installment of our ECAPCITY custom color fitted update covering the month of April, we review the latest and greatest 59Fifty offerings to date with more on the way.

ECAPCITY dropped another version of their NICE custom fitted in solid red and metallic gold, as well as another New Jersey Devils 59Fifty in black with team color embroidery.

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More Custom Fitted Colorways in March @ ECAPCITY 

Back again with another rundown of the latest custom color fitted releases from ECAPCITY.

Two New Jersey centric customs set to drop, one a New Jersey Devils 59Fifty in camel brown, midnight purple, green and silver. The other is a new coloration of the popular Garden State NJ custom in solid teal with white embroidery.
New Jersey Devils Fitted
Garden State NJ Fitted

Recent MLB customs have seen more red on black colorways on the rise, the latest from ECAPCITY a Pittsburgh Pirates retro logo two-tone. Darker palettes also seem to be trending hotter lately, the Chicago Cubs fitted in dark gray and purple being no exception.
Pittsburgh Pirates Fitted
Chicago Cubs Fitted

Always popular with fitted enthusiasts logo-wise, a Toronto Blue Jays custom colorway in brown, olive, and stone. Followed by another Pittsburgh Pirates two-tone in yellow on black with a black ligature.
Toronto Blue Jays Fitted
Pittsburgh Pirates Fitted

Two more hot MLB fitteds, one  a Washington Nationals two-tone in Wizards blue, black, and gold, with white embroidery, as well as a New York Mets Mr. Met 59Fifty in all black with a full color logo.
Washington Nationals Fitted
Mr. Met Fitted

Last but not least, a Bakersville Blaze Minor League 59Fifty in light gray on graphite with red, black, and white accents, alongside a Pittsburgh Penguins NHL two-tone in black and orange.
Bakersville Blaze Fitted
Pittsburgh Penguins Fitted

For more information visit

5806 Bergenline Ave
West New York, NJ 07093



ECAPCITY 59Fifty March Update

Back with a quick ECAPCITY update as we blaze through the month of March, with Major and Minor League Baseball offerings comprising the majority of releases this time around.

Red is on the rise as a hot color option this spring, and ECAPCITY doesn't disappoint with two red on black 59Fiftys in rotation this month. The first custom colorway is a Cooperstown Classics logo Detroit Tigers fitted with black embroidery on a red crown. Not far behind, a Lake Elsinore Storm Minor League release features silmilar black on red embroidery with white and silver accents.
Detroit Tigers Fitted
Lake Elsinore Storm Fitted

Another hot colorway for March is this Arizona Diamondbacks two-tone in cream on olive green with brown and white embroidery. Contrast that with a Montreal Expos release in solid black, with red, light blue and neon green thread, and you have two must-haves for collectors.
Arizona Diamondbacks Fitted
Montreal Expos Fitted

For those willing to sport it and support it, the HATER custom 59Fifty comes in solid black with white embroidery on front, while a new team Korea World Baseball Classic two-tone at ECAPCITY features a navy crown, red brim and green undervisor with the team's ligature also embroidered in white.
HATER Custom Fitted
Team Korea Custom Fitted

Two vintage MLB throwback releases, one, an Oakland Athletics team color two-tone in green and yellow with a gray undervisor. The other, a New York Giants custom in the the team's retro black and orange.
Oakland Athletics Fitted
New York Giants Fitted

The latest sneaker hooks to drop at ECAPCITY are two-tone plays on light gray. The first is a Tampa Bay Rays fitted in black on gray with neon yellow accents, colored to match the Nike 112 DJ Clark Kent Pack. In similar fashion, a Lake County Captains Minor League 59Fifty can be found in gray and teal matching the Nike Air Max 95 Freshwaters.
Tampa Bay Rays Fitted
Lake County Captains Fitted

For more information visit

5806 Bergenline Ave
West New York, NJ 07093

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ECAPCITY Custom Color 59Fifty December Mega Post

Just in time for xmas, we have another ECAPCITY mega post and recap of their custom fitteds releases for December. ECAPCITY dropped the first eight custom color 59Fiftys featured below this past Thursday.

We begin with two ECAPCITY favorites, a NICE brand custom two-tone in gray Melton wool with red visor, and a new Garden State 'NJ' script fitted, in solid purple with white embroidery. The NICE two-tone colorway features a navy and red stripe pattern in the logo for all that should be just right for the GUCCI heads out there.
NICE Fitted Hat
Garden State Fitted

Black is back for the holidays, as evident with this Arizona Diamondbacks solid black fitted with hot pink  embroidery, an easy hook to any number of sneaker colorways out now. Sneaker heads can also look forward to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays custom made for the Air Jordan Space Jam XI's. The two-tone features a black crown and blue visor with black, metallic silver, and blue accents.
Arizona Diamondbacks 59Fifty
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Fitted Cap

The next custom fitted is a Los Angeles Kings NHL 59Fifty made to hook to NIKE SILVER HALF CENT's as well as the starter snapback caps that were staple headwear back in the day. The two-tone features metallic silver pinstripes on a black crown with matching gray visor.  Another NHL two tone that was released is a Florida Panthers fitted in a dark brown on black, with metallic gold embroidery.
Los Angeles Kings New Era Cap
Florida Panthers Fitted Hat

Following up in the custom color MLB 59Fifty category, the Chicago White Sox can be found in navy, red and white, while the Detroit Tigers get a navy blue and orange treatment hooking to the NFL's Chicago Bears team colors.
Chicago White Sox New Era Hat
Detroit Tigers New Era Hat´╗┐

Another NICE 59Fifty Gucci color way, this time red and green on black with matching striped embroidery, and an NBA Hardwood Classics logo Vancouver Grizzlies two-tone in team color teal and black.
NICE Custom 59Fifty
Vancouver Grizzlies 59Fifty Fitted

A Tampa Bay Rays custom color 59Fifty in orange, black and sparkling purple, and a classic Pittsburgh Pirates two-tone in yellow on black.
Tampa Bay Rays 59Fifty Fitted
Pittsburgh Pirates 59Fifty Fitted

The Seattle Mariners fitted below is black and teal with a navy wordmark and teal accents, while the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks get the classic camouflage treatment, with a full color logo on an all camo cap.
Seattle Mariners 59Fifty Fitted
Chicago Blackhawks 59Fifty Fitted

Keeping in line with the darker colors of the season, the Milwaukee Brewers 59Fifty features gray, white, and royal blue embroidery on a solid brown fitted, but for those who find a brighter palette more appealing, heads will find this St. Louis Cardinals two-tone in stone and camel brown the perfect fit.
Milwaukee Brewers 59Fifty Fitted
St. Louis Cardinals 59fifty Fitted

And finally, after numerous requests from fans and headwear afficionados alike, Minor League Baseball's Staten Island Yankees will get a customized fitted featuring a full color logo on a solid crown with gray undervisor. Minor league fans can also find the Ottawa Lynx in black, red, navy, gray, and white embroidery on a black and red two-tone.
Staten Island Yankees 59Fifty Fitted
Ottawa Lynx 59Fifty Hat

For more information on the custom fitted colorways featured above, visit

5806 Bergenline Ave
West New York, NJ 07093