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ECAPCITY Custom Color 59Fifty Late August Releases

ECAPCITY blesses us with another round of custom color 59Fifty releases in multiple leagues and colorways for the end of August and moving into the fall season.

Two MLB offerings in the form of Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers make their appearances in August, the former in kelly green, with black and metallic copper embroidery, and the latter in solid gray, with teal blue raised embroidery on front.
Baltimore Orioles Fitted Hat
Detroit Tigers New Era Hat

The Major and Minor League baseball two-tone offerings below feature the Oakland Athletics with a sneaker hook to the Nike Air Max 95 safety orange colorway, and the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes in a red on green colorway with neon green accents to match the Nike Air Force 1 QuestLoves.
Oakland Athletics New Era Hat
Rancho Cucamonga Quakes New Era Hat

ECAPCITY dropped two more solid color NHL customs, the Montreal Canadiens in this summer's ever-present yellow and white embroidery on black, and a red Chicago Blackhawks fitted that was so hot there had to be a re-up.
Montreal Canadiens New Era Hat
Chicago Blackhawks New Era hat

San Jose fans can look forward to a San Jose Sharks two-tone in teal and black, and the Minor League San Jose Giants with orange embroidery on a solid black 59Fifty.
San Jose Sharks New Era Hat
San Jose Giants New Era Hat

The Chicago White Sox get a white on black two-tone with black embroidery, while the Washington Nationals get a restock of the popular Washington Wizards throwback colorway in blue on black.
Chicago White Sox New Era Hat
Washington Nationals New Era Hat

Another blue on black custom color two-tone, this time featuring the NHL's Colorado Avalanche, and a white on black embroidery, all black 59Fifty featuring the New York Rangers.
Colorado Avalanche Fitted Hat
New York Rangers Fitted Hat

The last two custom color two-tones feature the Cleveland Indians in a midnight navy and orange colorway, while the NBA's San Francisco Warriors get a navy on red color treatment for their throwback logo.
Cleveland Indians New Era Hat
San Francisco Warriors Hat

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ECAPCITY Custom Color 59Fifty Mid August Update

A fresh round of ECAPCITY custom color 59Fiftys are on the way, complete with sneaker hooks and hot colorways for mid-August.

First up, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and New York Islanders each get hooks to variants of the Nike Air Jordan Retro V's. The Angels winged ligature logo is paired with a matching white on black two-tone with red accents, while the Islanders get white, deep purple, and teal colorway with matching embroidery.
Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim New Era Hat
New York Islanders Fitted Hat

The Seattle Supersonics fitteds below feature Hardwood Classics logos embroidered on custom color two-tones, the first in red and black on a burnt orange and black 59Fifty. The second is a team color, yellow and green two tone with white accents.
Seattle Supersonics Fitted Hats

The New York Mets get custom color 59Fiftys as well, one featuring the Mr. Met logo in a graphite gray and navy colorway, the other a red on navy colorway featuring the 'NY' ligature embroidered in white.
New York Mets New Era Hats

Another sneaker hook to the popular Nike DJ Clark Kent 112 pack features the Colorado Rockies in a neon green, black and dark gray colorway, while the NHL's Minnesota Wild get a custom color hook the national colors of the Philippines in red, yellow and blue.
Colorado Rockies Fitted Hat
Minnesota Wild Fitted

Two more MLB custom color 59Fiftys feature the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Houston Astros. The Rays two-tone is teal on light gray, with black, bright green and yellow accents. The Astros get a black crown and red visor colorway with matching red and white embroidery.
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Fitted
Houston Astros Fitted

Those looking for a magenta and hot pink on grape color hook will find this New Jersey Devils colorway the perfect fit. The Minnesota Timberwolves get a teal blue on black two-tone fitted, with matching embroidery and silver and white accents.
New Jersey Devils Hat
Minnesota Timberwolves Fitted

Last in this round of custom color fitteds, the Chicago Blackhawks get a midnight purple on yellow two-tone with matching embroidery and black and white accents, while MSU fans can look forward to this Michigan State University 59Fifty in solid green with a white embroidered logo.
Chicago Blackhawks Hat
Michigan State University New Era Hat

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Custom Color 59Fiftys in August @ ECAPCITY

ECAPCITY is keeping the pace steady this summer, with new custom color 59Fiftys in multiple leagues and styles going into the month of August.

Fans of the NHL in New York and Philadelphia should be able to appreciate the custom color fitteds featured below. The Philadelphia Flyers infamous Broad Street Bullies mascot logo is embroidered on a team color, orange and black two-tone, while the New York Rangers get a royal blue on red colorway, with their Lady Liberty logo embroidered to match.
Broad Street Bullies Fitted
New York Rangers Fitted

Mascot logos are big in the fitted scene, as the Detroit Tigers & New York Mets get two new colorways in light gray, black, and red, and green on orange, respectively. The Mets two-tone features a St. Patrick's day theme with Mr. Met in full leprechaun mode.
Detroit Tigers Fitted Hat
New York Mets New Era Hat

The 'Blackjack' custom logo 59Fifty is an ECAPCITY exclusive, and features King and Ace of Spades cards embroidered in black and white on a solid black fitted. The NHL's Calgary Flames get a custom color two-tone in khaki and hunter green with green and white embroidery.
Blackjack Custom Color Fitted
Calgary Flames Fitted

ECAPCITY drops another New Jersey custom this month, representing the Garden State this time around with an 'nj' script logo embroidered in white on a gray and navy two-tone. The Brooklyn Dodgers also get a revisit, with their ligature logo also embroidered in white on royal blue and black.
NJ Script Garden State New Era Hat
Brooklyn Dodgers New era Hat

Florida Marlins fans get two fresh colorways in August, a red on black 59Fifty with metallic gold highlights, and an aqua on orange colorway with matching embroidery.
Florida Marlins Fitteds

The Chicago Blackhawks fitted features white, teal, baby blue, and black embroidery on a bright blue 59Fifty. The Boston Celtics custom color two-tone features black, white, and orange embroidery on a blue crown and orange visor.
Chicago Blackhawks Fitted
Boston Celtics New Era Hat

Sneakers heads can look forward to a Detroit Red Wings custom color 59Fifty that hooks to the Air Jordan Spizikes in lavender and pale green. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays also get a two-tone custom that hooks to the  Nike x Undefeated Dunk Highs in black, burgundy, and teal.
Detroit Red Wings Fitted
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Fitted

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5806 Bergenline Ave
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ECAPCITY July Sneaker Hooks & Custom Color 59Fiftys: Part Two

Part two of our ECAPCITY July update features another round of custom color 59Fiftys which hit their shelves today.

World Baseball Classic
fitteds are picking up steam in various colorways as these 59Fifty customs illustrate below, with team Korea's ligature logo embroidered in white across royal blue, red, and black versions. The state of New Jersey gets some love with a new custom color fitted featuring the state and capital in white and gray embroidery on a solid red fitted, with the moniker 'Garden State' embroidered on back.
New Jersey State New Era Cap
Korean World Baseball Classic New Era Hats

The Colorado Rockies get a black on deep purple two tone 59Fifty featuring their Cooperstown logo. The Minnesota Timberwolves follow suit with a navy crown, blue visor colorway featuring their Hardwood Classics logo in matching red, white, blue, and silver embroidery.
Colorado Rockies Fitted Hat
Minnesota Timberwolves Fitted Hat

Two more custom two tones of the MLB variety for summer, featuring the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros. The Braves get black, silver, and metallic gold embroidery on white and black. The Astros go hard with red and black embroidery on a process blue crown and black visor.
Atlanta Braves New Era Hat
Houston Astros New Era Hat

The San Jose Sharks and New York Rangers get custom NHL two tones in metallic silver on black and hunter green and beige, respectively.
San Jose Sharks Fitted Hat
New York Rangers Fitted

has a new 'BULLY' fitted custom in red and black, as well as an Orlando Magic pinstripe two tone hooking to the retro Nike Air Penny II's and III's released  last year.
BULLY Fitted
Orlando Magic Fitted Hat

Last in this sampling of customs feature MLB Cooperstown logo sneaker hooks in the form of the Boston Braves and Baltimore Orioles. Boston gets a graphite gray, black and teal sneaker hook to the Nike Air Max 95 Freshwaters. The Orioles get a light gray, orange and black colorway for Nike Air Max 95 Safety Oranges.
Boston Braves Fitted Hat
Baltimore Orioles Fitted

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ECAPCITY July Sneaker Hooks & Custom Color 59Fiftys: Part One

Part one of our ECAPCITY July releases update covers a wide range of sneaker hooks and custom fitted colorways across multiple leagues. With no apparent wane in demand or popularity these days, two tone fitted variations dominate this round of 59Fiftys as evident by the offerings below.

A white crown, red visor Baltimore Orioles two tone and the Milwaukee Brewers in stone, moss green, and black and white embroidery.
Baltimore Orioles Fitted Hat
Milwaukee Brewers Fitted Hat

Black on purple Arizona Diamondbacks fitted with white, purple, teal, and copper embroidery. Minor League Baseball's Kinston Indians on navy and red.
Arizona Diamondbacks Fitted Hat
Kinston Indians Cap

The New Jersey Devils get a kelly green on light gray custom NHL two tone. Venturing into sneaker hook territory, the Pittsburgh Penguins get a blue on lime colorway hook to the Nike Air force 1 x Air Huarache.
New Jersey Devils Hat
Pittsburgh Penguins Fitted

Yellow visor color combinations continue to be popular, as can be seen on this Detroit Red Wings 5950 in blue and yellow to match the Jordan Laney V's or Jordan Do the Right Thing Spizikes. The NBA's Seattle Supersonics can also be found in red on yellow with white on yellow embroidery.
Detroit Red Wings Hat
Seattle Supersonics Fitted

The Philadelphia Phillies get an MLB 5950 custom colorway to hook to the Jordan Spizikes. The Colorado Avalanche get an NHL custom fitted in red, light gray and black hooking to the Jordan IV's.
Philadelphia Phillies Fitted
Colorado Avalanche Fitted

A black, light gray, and neon green two tone featuring the Tampa Bay Rays hooks quite neatly to DJ Clark Kent's 112 Pack. The Florida Marlins get a hook this time around to the Air Max Griffey 1's.
Tampa Bay Rays Hat
Florida Marlins Fitted

Created to coincide with the Nike Air Force 1 2009 All-Star Game, this Phoenix Suns, Hardwood Classics logo two tone hooks to the Air Force 1 Quickstrikes. The second Suns fitted hooks to the All-Star game Air Force 1's designed by DJ Clark Kent himself.
Phoenix Suns New Era Hats

Stay tuned for Part Two of our ECAPCITY July update.
For more information visit

5806 Bergenline Ave
West New York, NJ 07093



July '09 Custom Color 59Fiftys now @ ECAPCITY

ECAPCITY is turning the heat up this summer with over a dozen new custom color 59Fiftys dropping in mid-July.

Things jump off with two new sneaker hooks to two popular Nike colorways, a Hardwood Classics era San Francisco Warriors two-tone in blue and gray to match the Nike Air Trainer 3's, and a San Jose Sharks two-tone in black and aqua to square up with the Nike SB Tiffany's.
San Francisco Warriors
San Jose Sharks Fitted Hat

In the MLB fitted category, the hot colorways of the season can be found on the Arizona Diamondbacks in yellow and black embroidery on gray, and the Los Angeles Dodgers in scarlet and teal. The Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox get reproductions of vintage fitted colorways and logos from years past, while the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals represent white crown, contrast visor two-tone variants this time out in metallic gold and deep purple.
Arizona Diamondbacks Fitted Hat
Los Angeles Dodgers Fitted Hat
Kansas City Royals New Era Hat
Chicago White Sox New Era Hat
Atlanta Braves New Era Hat
St. Louis Cardinals

The remaining half dozen, custom color two-tones are comprised of Minor League Baseball, NBA, and NHL 59Fiftys, in an assortment of team and custom color offerings to satisfy the color conscious fitted enthusiast and true fan alike.
Clearwater Threshers New Era
Portland TrailBlazers New Era Hat
Los Angeles Lakers New Era Hat
Toronto Raptors Fitted Hat
Denver Nuggets New Era Hat
New Jersey Devils Hat

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Sabong Rooster 59Fifty Fitted @ ECAPCITY

ECAPCITY pays tribute to the cultural, traditional sport of cockfighting or known in the Philippines as Sabong. ECAP sets out to capture the love of this sport with the Sabong Rooster fitted, color blocked in the Philippines national colors: royal, red, and yellow. More colorways are due to follow soon. Check ECAPCITY for yours.