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Deluxe 'La Esquina' Panama Straw Hat @ Bridge

Deluxe Clothing has released these great looking Panama Straw Hats as part of their Spring 2010 collection. These fine pieces are Deluxe branded, made and blocked in Ecuador S.A. La Esquina (The Corner) hats feature a standard to sub-fine hand woven, straw, weave and sport a short brim. The hats are finished off with a grosgrain ribbon and brass domed, Deluxe Clothing nameplate.  Available at Bridge Tokyo in S, M, & L.

Images: Deluxe


Summer Panama Straw & Braided Fedora Hats from Arth NYC

Arth NYC recently released exclusive, store branded, summer hats for the New York heat. First up is Arth's Panama Straw Hat with denim fabric bands. This hat features a high crown with center pinch and is a great selection for those looking for a lightweight hat. Next up are the Arth Braided, Two-Tone Fedora Hats with clean bands and offered in various colors. Both styles feature Arth NY inside labels and store mascot pins. Call for availability.

Arth NYC: 212.539.1431  /  map

Image: Arth NY


Wacko Maria Panama Hats with Dot Ribbons @ Deep Inside Inc.

Japan's recently restocked on Wacko Maria's Panama Hats. These classic silhouettes are made with natural straw weave highlighted with short brims, leather headbands, and dot-patterned ribbon bands. Each hat is made in Japan with high-quality craftsmanship details. With summer approaching it's time to update or add on to your hat collection with one of these special pieces. You will have to dig for this one with stock at DeepInside already sold out. Check their store for availability or other Japanese online sites such as ARKnets.

Images: Deep Inside Inc.


Arth Custom Panama Fedora Hats with Ties

Hat store Arth has recently introduced their own custom Panama Fedora hats with ties. These special pieces are crafted with an open weave or two-tone straw and pinched crowns. Instead of ribbon bands, Arth utilizes neckties with D-rings to give these pieces a distinct look. With summer approaching, these are great hats to stay cool in and receive some comments. These custom gems are retailing for $109 at both Costa Mesa LA and Soho NYC locations.

                                                 Image: Arth Hat Blog

Arth Costa Mesa
2930 Bristol Street, CA 92626 / map

Arth Soho

75 West Houston Street, NY 10012 / map