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HUGE Selection of World Series, New Era Fitteds @ ECAPCITY

ECAPCITY has loaded up on some World Series Champions fitteds produced by New Era. The selection starts at 1923 with almost every year represented, all the way through Chicago's 2005 Champion year. Each cap is wool with either grey or green under brims depending on what color was used. These fitted gems have been out for about 2 weeks now so email or call ECAP for availability.



ECAPCITY Custom Color 59Fifty March Update

Back with another ECAPCITY update heading into the month of March, with some insight into their latest custom fitted releases.

First up, two classic MLB 59Fiftys recently dropped, one a Brooklyn Dodgers retro lofgo fitted in royal blue with white embroidery and green undervisor, the other, a Philadelphia Phillies custom in solid red with a 1980 World Series patch on the right side.
Brooklyn Dodgers New Era Hat
Philadelphia Phillies New Era Hat

Heads keeping an eye out for the latest sneaker hook will find an Oakland Athletics 59Fifty tailored to the Nike Air Max 95 Neons in black on graphite gray with neon green accents of some interest. Another hot Seattle Mariners colorway also livens it up in bright teal on light gray to match the Nike Griffey Max 1s.
Oakland Athletics Fitted
Seattle Mariners Fitted

The next six releases should make obvious the continued popularity of two-tone variants in the custom fitted scene. The Minnesota Timberwolves get a light gray on black and colorway with lime green embroidery. To the immediate right, a Montreal Expos fitted in camel tan on dark brown. Next, a Chicago Blackhawks release in royal blue and red with white accents, in contrast to another NHL offering featuring the New York Islanders team logo on a black denim crown, with a teal visor and safety orange undervisor. A Houston Astros two-tone in maroon on azure blue keeps it fresh, alongside a retro logo Boston Red Sox colorway in red and green.
Minnesota Timberwolves Fitted
Montreal Expos Fitted

Chicago Blackhawks Fitted
New York Islanders Fitted

Houston Astros Fitted
Boston Red Sox Fitted

Two more sneaker hooks which dropped feature the Montreal Expos color coordinated with the Nike Air Max 95 Miami Vice in black, aqua blue, and magenta, as well as a Seattle Mariners hook to the Nike ATIII Transformers in royal blue on red, with neon green accents.
Montreal Expos Fitted
Seattle Mariners Fitted

Minor League fitted fans can find a new Modesto Athletics release in black and green, and a seldom seen logo in the New Jersey Cardinals embroidered in white, black, and process blue on a solid gray 59Fifty.
Modesto Athletics Fitted
New Jersey Cardinals Fitted

A nice set of NBA releases also dropped recently, most notably an Orlando Magic jersey hook in pinstripe on black with blue and white accents, alongside a Vancouver Grizzlies offering with the teams claw logo in red, white, copper, and black thread on a solid black 59Fifty.
Orlando Magic Fitted
Vancouver Grizzlies Fitted

Additional heat featuring the Calgary Flames in purple on baby blue with red highlights. Followed by a California Angels release made in the team's colors during their 1971 season. The cap is dark navy on red with an authentic green undervisor.
Calgary Flames Fitted
California Angels Fitted

Heads gravitating towards darker colors this season will find a Florida Marlins fitted in black and white embroidery on black, as well as a Pittsburgh Pirates custom in white thread on deep brown.
Florida Marlins Fitted
Pittsburgh Pirates Fitted

Following up the recent success of their flannel fitted releases, ECAPCITY has expanded their offering to include the San Jose Sharks, this time featuring the team's logo on a charcoal gray flannel custom 59Fifty.
San Jose Sharks Fitted

Last but not least, the highly sought Los Angeles Kings 'Script' fitted was brought back by popular demand for heads who slept or missed out the first time.
Los Angeles Kings Fitted

For more information visit

5806 Bergenline Ave
West New York, NJ 07093

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