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Zephyr NCAA 'Corduroy' Trucker Caps

Zephyr recently posted a preview of one of their upcoming trucker caps for NCAA teams on their Facebook page.  The cap combines thick corduroy with mesh panels and color coordinated in white and grey tones.  The whole look is tight and sure to take off in most teams.  No word on a drop date but look out for this one come early 2010. Stay posted.

Image: Zephyr ZHats


Zephyr 'Grey Popsicles' ZDL Hockey Fitted Series

Zephyr ZDL is back with their latest, custom hockey series dubbed Grey Popsicles.  The caps utilize grey wool crowns popped off with bright accents such as cyan, neon green, and others.  Each team logo is colored up in combinations of black, white, grey, and specific bright color threads.  Along with the NHL teams, Zephyr brings out their custom hockey ZDL teams as well.  Look for this style through select Z dealers and

Images: Zephyr Fitted


Zephyr 'ZHL Series' Fitted Caps

Below is a first look at Zephyr's ZHL Series on fitted caps.  The ZHL Series is a collection of original logos, designed in-house, based off fictional hockey teams.  Each logo is very illustrative and color coordinated to a specific scheme done up mostly on two-tone caps.  Team logos are executed in fine details, which include different shades of color, embroidered patterns, and clever use of raised sections.  You can find the first wave of teams through and other select retailers.  

Images: Zephyr Fitted


Exclusive Zephyr Denver Nuggets Fitted Caps 

Zephyr Fitteds will release three, new, custom color fitted caps for the Denver Nuggets.  These new caps are being produced exclusively for the Nuggets team shop in Denver's Pepsi Center.  Each cap has it's own color identity and a special visor sticker calling out Arena Collection. The Zephyr Nuggets caps will be released this Wednesday as Denver kicks off the new season against Utah.

Image: Zephyr


Zephyr ZDL College Hybrid Fitted Caps

Zephyr is stepping up their presence amongst fitted caps with their latest College Hybrid Fitted Cap collection.  The College Hybrid Series offers specific college teams in other, local team colors.  To start things off, Zephyr releases Colorado St and University of Colorado in Rockies, Broncos, Nuggets, and a solid Navy color base for the NY heads.  This new collection is part of their ZDL Series, which specializes in low product runs bought into stock and available to retailers on a first come, first serve basis.  These caps are perfect for the hometown fan plus the customer looking for a fresh new look no matter the team affiliation.  These are shipping now to official dealers with more schools on the way.

Image: Zephyr


Zephyr NHL Fitted Caps @ has just received some custom Sharks fitted caps by Zephyr hat company.  Beside the flex-curved styles they are known for, Zephyr has been on the move with their refined-shape, fitted caps.  Check today for the Sharks cap below plus other exclusive color ways, and College fitteds.